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Digital menu boards are an excellent way to give a vivid look to fast food outlets, bars or club bistros.  Digital signage and the software that goes with it provides a dynamic POS advertising opportunity, to promote hot combos, specials and happy hour deals, illustrated with tempting, vibrant graphics to boost impulse sales.

Sell your sizzle with digital signage software and systems

Bepoz electronic menu boards allow you to appeal to one of the powerful appetite stimulants – the eyes.

Research shows that looking at “the sizzle” is as important as smelling it in driving appetite, and when the two are present simultaneously the results are amazing. Being able to display your signature dishes and specials in high definition, in a dynamically changing montage is a certain way to stimulate your patrons’ appetites and lift your sales.

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…The introduction of Bepoz has been extremely valuable to our business in so many ways. It has increased the speed and accuracy of all our transactions.

Avril Vaughan, Bojangles Bar & Saloon NT

…Staff can process orders a lot faster, it’s also easy to set up accounts and we can add food and drinks to a tab from any bar or the bistro.

Michael Selia, Newmarket Hotel

…I have used Bepoz for more than ten years now and with over ten stations in use I can only recommend this system because of its ease of use.

Serge Dansereau, The Bather’s Pavilion NSW

With over 250 handpicked rums in our collection stock visibility and movement is paramount to meeting our customers expectations. Bepoz stock control – monitoring, reporting and alerts provides a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail, nothing is missed.

Jared Merlino, The Lobo Plantation

Bepoz have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of our rapidly growing grocery store.  We needed a fully integrated POS system incorporating customers, register operators, back office and warehouse. Thanks Bepoz for a great product.

Brittany Fleming, Lighthouse Care

A complete system to make management and communication a breeze

Bepoz digital menu boards are part of a complete digital signage service, covering all aspects of setting up and managing your display. We provide installation, training and ongoing support, ensuring that your digital signage remains relevant and timely, regardless of how busy your establishment. In fact, we offer several options that cater to differing levels of involvement, whether you have the time for total control and implementation or need a set-and-forget solution that allows you to get on with running your pub, bar or restaurant. You’ll find that a Bepoz digital signage system makes your life easier, provides better communication between staff and customers, and improves the overall quality of your service. Our industry experience means that we understand the pain-points of running a hospitality business and we’ve created products that integrate seamlessly and help drive your success.

Sell. Inform. Entertain.

Bepoz digital menu boards allow you to intersperse your sales message with news feed, sports video and messages to patrons, improving their experience and increasing their loyalty.

Benefits at a glance

  • Your venue instantly gets a modern, up-to-date look which impacts customer perception
  • Consistent promotions can be run across multiple venues and centrally managed
  • Every sale opportunity is engaged by displaying the right information at the right time
  • Numerous promotions and specials can be created with simple templates
  • Daily, weekly or seasonal promotions can be scheduled for seamless rollover of promotional images
  • Promotional material can be complemented with a live footy game or news as well as RSS feeds
  • Future events or other announcements can be easily conveyed to your patrons
  • Increased engagement boosts customer loyalty

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