Top Features You Should Seek In A Restaurant POS System

There are many varieties of restaurants and each comes with its specific set of needs. Searching for a Restaurant (POS) Point of Sale system is normally challenging due to this and the final decision to make the actual purchase becomes even harder. However, there are several things that each and every restaurateur should look for when selecting POS software. Here are the top features in a restaurant POS system.


High speed

Restaurant businesses require high speed. This includes feet, hands, fire times and decision making. A slow system can be challenging to a cook, an order taker or a manager. The aspect of speed in a restaurant POS system extends to an intuitive layout, ease-of use as well as fast hardware. A number of seconds can have a great impact on the drinks, the food, the service and ultimately on the profitability of the establishment. Depending on the speed of the system, the impact can either be positive or negative.


Proper inventory control

The mere mention of inventory to a restaurant owner or manager basically receives an immediate reaction. If you ask them, they will tell you that proper inventory control mechanisms have a great positive contribution on the way their restaurants make money. Apart from being the most glamorous side of a restaurant business, inventory is an absolute necessity for an establishment to survive in this extremely competitive industry. Being able to keep track of all ingredients in the food and drink items which are being sold, ensures profitability as well as long-term success. Check out our recipe management blog.


Effective reporting

We all know that numbers never lie. Any business should be in a position to get actionable intelligence from its reporting and restaurants are no exception to this. Having a system where the manager has numeric insight into the business is very crucial. Labor costs, food costs and the number of customers who come to the restaurant are some of the Key Performance Indicators which a good POS system should render. Web based systems also play an important role in a business reporting because all things are normally done in real-time and from any location across the globe.


Marketing capabilities

The marketing of restaurants depends on the internet presence and in particular the social media. It starts with a good website which offers reliable information to anyone visiting the website. This includes menus, contact information, hours, and other links which are associated with social media sites.

The social sites are the heart of an effective and efficient marketing campaign. A well done Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page allows the business owner to stay connected with new and old customers 24 hours a day. It is virtually effortless and priceless having other people share your business story with other customers in the market. A POS system should be able to gather customer information, especially through emails. Having an entire database of customers in real time can have a direct positive impact on your business.  View Top Bepoz promotional ideas.

There is no doubt that the benefits that POS software brings to a restaurant are endless. While each restaurant indeed needs different features, the four features discussed above are absolutely necessary in increasing profitability.

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