Visitor Registration Simple, Contactless, QR Code Based Providing COVID-Normal Operating Assistance

Bepoz contact tracing platform offers safe and secure data collection for visitors, staff and suppliers.


Enhance Restaurant Safety With Our Visitor Management System

Hospitality businesses are being required to adapt and innovate as a result of COVID safety measures, with a visitor management system now being a necessity. The restaurant visitor management app developed by Bepoz allows your business to meet government requirements and reopen in a safe, streamlined manner.

Use our visitor management app to manage contact details of visitors. With businesses in many states and territories now being required to keep accurate records of their visitors, digitising the process makes perfect sense. The visitor registration system offered by Bepoz allows you to easily record and maintain customer details, and access should the need arise.

Make Your Visitor Management System More Efficient & Safe For Everyone

Having a visitor management app also offers peace of mind to customers, demonstrating your business’s commitment to customer and community safety. With a visitor registration system in place, you can reopen your business with confidence and in line with regulations. Take some burden off the shoulders of your staff while improving operations by opting for a digital visitor management system from Bepoz.

Bepoz allows for the seamless and safe management of your restaurant in line with today’s regulations and requirements. Bepoz visitor registration platform allows for safe collection and storage of data, Bepoz also offers online ordering tools, self-ordering tools, POS hardware and POS software systems to help build your business.

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Terms & Conditions – Bepoz Visitor Registration solution is a subscription-based platform. The annual (12 month) subscription is $99 + GST. Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a login code and instructions on how to set up your platform. Please allow up to 24 hours for these instructions.